The ultimate medical and wellness marketing suite

Practice Presence is the ultimate service for all your marketing objectives and online presence management. With the Practice Presence Platform you engage a 360 degree marketing model that leaves nothing valuable off limits. Go from the 30 new patients most agencies offer you to 200+ with our technology and methods.

  • We will redesign your current website and put it on the Practice Presence marketing platform. This is the first step to launching these new directives.
  • We will create several specialized funnels and landing pages built to interest and educate new patients/clients tied directly into an appointment booking system.
  • You will have the ability to create multiple campaigns for tracking funnel success across all marketing platforms.
  • We give you all the assets needed for your digital marketing efforts such as banners, ad copy, social temples, email templates and more.
  • You will have account access for your inhouse team as well as any other agency you may be working with. Our platform has all the expected sub-id and pixel tracking agencies expect to see in a professional system.

Practice Presence gives Social Advo Management System and Testimonial Management System that will double up your practice value enabling you to get more patient acquisition opportunities plus positively impacting your revenue.

Display advertising with GMB (Google My Business) for local promotion and branding to get more patients. Social Advo Management through popular social media platform- Facebook to become advocates of your practice and bring in new clients onboard.

Practice Presence is the ultimate marketing system for your practice. Our wide range of services provides you with every golden chance of brand awareness, social media presence for significantly increasing your patient acquisition rate with a one-time cost.


  • 5 Marketing Funnels that lead to the intake model and scheduling
  • Full intake modeling for the validation and verification of testing
  • Calendar system connectivity to scheduling calendar system (if your EHR allows)
  • Matching marketing assets for display advertising
  • Full back office marketing software with tracking and reports
  • Engagement with marketing companies, sales companies and reward program business
  • YouTube/Website Testimonial Manager
  • Social Advo System for participating patients and advocates
  • 40 hours of Social Media development time
  • 20 hours of partner development time in local advocacy
  • Design it till you love it on all design
  • Training on system use for up to 10 employees / partners
  • 10 additional online SEO based assets (press releases etc)


  • Display advertising (Google only)
  • GEO Fencing (we use Simplify)
  • Social Advo Social Management (writing ads/post management)
  • Further partner development through our advocacy programs

Presenting the Core Features of Practice Presence

Access to 5 Funnel Websites connected to our Back-Office Marketing System:


  • User-friendly interface- Simple and user-friendly interface streamlining miniature website management.
  • Responsive design- The system that automatically adapts the website to different screen sizes, ensuring a seamless experience.
  • Security- Implementing security measures to protect user data and ensure the safe operation of the miniature websites.
  • SEO optimization- Integrating basic search engine optimization features to optimize the websites for better visibility in SERPs.


Our practice marketing website make gathering testimonials easy. Happy patients can use the web app associated with your practice to video themselves giving a testimonial. These are queued up in your Back office where you can choose which ones to display on your website. This will also automatically publish to YouTube at the click of a button, taking advantage of the largest video marketplace in the world.

  • Testimonial submission- Allow users, customers, or clients to submit their testimonials easily through a user-friendly interface.
  • Rich media support- Enable customers to submit testimonials in various formats, including text, images, videos, and audio recordings.
  • Moderation and approval- Implementing a moderation process to review submitted testimonials and display them.
  • Rating and review system- Integrating a rating system where users can provide a numerical rating along with their written testimonial, for a comprehensive feedback.
  • Display options- Different ways to display testimonials, such as a rotating testimonial carousel, a grid layout, or a list view.
  • Edit and update- Allow users to edit their submitted testimonials or update them over time, for accurate and relevant feedback.


Our Social Advo technology can be found nowhere else. Social media advertising is becoming an essential element of any company's advertising strategy, with 69% of U.S. adults using Facebook and millions of Americans using comparable sites like lnstagram, Pinterest and Twitter. While many practices are already trying to exploit the social media marketplace, too many are missing out on the personal social aspects that make these sites so effective and powerful. They are using display and video ads but are neglecting a huge opportunity to use their own employees', happy patients, friends and family, industry influencers and personal social media reach to send out messaging and attract new customers. This is the very market we reach with our proprietary Social Advocacy programs.


The average Facebook user has 338 friends. That means every employee and patient of your practice has connections to HUNDREDS of new patients and Social Advo is here to help you turn these connections into conversions.

  • Happy patients and employees can sign up to become and "Advocate of your practice".
  • They set up an account and then choose the social media they are on the most.
  • This appears as a personal referral and will receive the benefits of being seen by all their friends and family.
  • They then choose the frequency they are willing to share marketing about your practice. This could be once a day, once a week, or once a month.
  • Because they setup their own account messaging from your practice will be automatically shared to their warm personal social media market.


  • Full Training System- Our back-office marketing system offers full training to the use of marketing tools and presentation media.
  • Landing pages- Our back-office marketing system offers fully managed landing pages for salespeople to gather leads and spread the message.
  • Fully Managed CRM- Our CRM tools gives salespeople full management of their leads from entered to fully closed deals.


  • Pixel tracking- Implement tracking pixels on your website to collect data about user interactions, behavior, and conversions.
  • Multi-pixel support- Allow users to manage and integrate multiple tracking pixels from different platforms or services.
  • Code generator- A code generator tool to create the appropriate pixel code based on user settings and requirements.
  • Conversion tracking- Tools to track and measure conversion events, helping users understand the impact of their marketing efforts.
  • Ecommerce integration- Integrate with e-commerce platforms to track product views, add-to-cart actions, and successful purchases.
  • Testing and validation- Tools to test and validate if the pixel is functioning correctly and collecting accurate data.


Our rewards program offers the maximized utilization of your local business to promote yourpractice and increase patient intake resulting in increase in revenue flow.

Our rewards program is targeted to increase the popularity of your practice in your locality.

Local business employers can take part in this reward program at no cost to them which is beneficial to the community as well. To participate in our Employer's Reward Program all they have to do is call. We will ship our quarter cuts to pass along to their customers. The process is very simple.

We will provide them with custom QR codes for their location and when their customers visit your practice they will receive a certain reward amount for each referral. This is a great opportunity for the local business owner as well as your practice which not only help their customers avoid health risks at the same time making some money.


With Practice Presence, you gain access to specialized new client/patient intake technology that maximizes the decision-making process for program and diagnostic qualifications. The system further shows Validated Laboratory Tests with "Reasons", "Assays", "Validated Symptoms" and "Potential Diagnosis (The regular one)".

Our funnel websites are directly tied into our intake technology allowing clients/patients to submit a variety of "qualifying" intake forms. Once the patient intake is finalized our platform runs algorithms which present ICD code validated information on disease potential and qualified programs.


Calendar management for a practice involves organizing and scheduling appointments and activities efficiently. They can easily get access to:

  • Real-Time availability- Allow the physicians to update the calendar in real time to reflect their accurate availability, reducing the risk of overbooking or conflicts.
  • Appointment scheduling- Allow patients to schedule appointments online based on the availability of doctors. Provide a clear view of open time slots.
  • Multi-practitioner support- Accommodate multiple doctors by displaying their individual schedules and availability, helping patients choose the practitioner and time that suits them.
  • Booking confirmation- Automatically send confirmation emails or notifications to both patients and practitioners when an appointment is booked.
  • Reminder notifications- Send automated reminders via email to patients to reduce no-shows and improve attendance rates.