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Clinical Speed,
a division of the Beto Paredes Family of Companies

Introducing the most advanced healthcare suite

Clinical Speed offers a unique suite of healthcare systems:

Decision Doc AI, Decision Doc MX, Practice2Lab and Practice Presence.

Clinical Speed - Patient Intake Platform Intelligence

The Clinical Speed suite of products are focused on the re-engineered and advanced methods of the patient intake process. Our company focuses on point-of-contact data diagnostics, medical necessity and maximum disease state discovery.

Clinical Speed has written a specialized index library of the American Medical Codex, understood as the CPT and ICD valuation regulations.

Our platform Algorithms are also tied directly into the LCD qualifications for diagnostics in the Laboratory, ANS, and next step medical necessity validation.

All of our specialized reporting is made available through master reports developed to submit to payers along with encounter forms.

For the TM-Flow A.N.S. medical device and its 65 ICD+ modifiers, we have developed a full evidence analysis suite. This also generates accurate encounter forms to be signed by physicians and sent to payers.

Our platforms are some of the first in the industry to bring the power of AI (Artificial Intelligence) directly to the providers using our programs.

Clinical Speed has put thousands of engineering hours into the philosophy of initial patient intake and disease state discovery. This all the way from marketing technology where patients decide themselves to enter evaluation to high-quality analysis for initial medical necessity review.

Decision Doc AI gives rapid clarity on a maximum number of potential disease criteria

Decision Doc AI- a centralized technology integrated with AI ChatGPT 4 for empowering all other products in the suite. Our platform provides maximum clarity on potential disease states based on the subjective intake of the patients.

Reduces patient requisition time by giving physicians potential diagnosis recommendations.

Advanced integration of AI to show best treatment protocols based on patient subjective and objective intake.

Generates and displays recommendations for lifestyle changes.

Re-evaluation of all patient data by AI engine from the perspective of other taxonomies such as Cardiology, Oncology, Neurology, and many more.

Generates doctor/patient potential disease analysis so that physicians can review and make informed decisions.

Decision Doc MX offers an integrated marketing opportunity for your future providers

Decision Doc MX is the fusion of the Decision Doc AI suite plus a Marketing program. The platform runs an algorithm to use both subjective and objective data to generate encounter IBT forms. This system infuses the intake process system into a marketing system including, digital marketing, social media marketing, and sales management.

Advanced feature model for patient acquisition

Attractive rewards program for future providers

Advanced algorithms to run and generate encounter forms based on ICD and CPT codes

High adjudication rate for your practices

The comprehensive clinical report tested and generated through TM-FLOW

Practice2Lab gives you an edge with current and future ordering providers

Practice2Lab is the ultimate medical necessity validation patient intake platform that Labs give to all of their ordering providers! By getting a license to the Practice2Lab platform your practice clients are able to see the maximum number of laboratory opportunities they can order!

Significantly increase Lab orders per serviced provider

Offer your ordering physicians tools for validating medical necessity

Give your sales team an incredible edge over competitors

Our platform is white-labeled for your Laboratory

Gives more visibility to your practice

Practice Presence offers an all-in-one health marketing suite specifically designed for your practice

Practice Presence has a full marketing platform for building impressive patient acquisition rate in multiple ways. The system significantly increase your revenue, make a brand for your practice and stand out from the competitors, and gain more leads.

Practice Presence has in-built features of Social Advo, Testimonial Management, Pixel Management for full managing the leads and marketing under a roof.

The training system can be used and accessed by 10 employees and partners. Our advocacy program encourages further partner development for branding.

Offers matching marketing assets along with 10 additional online SEO based assets (blogs, press releases etc).

Provides Quarter Cuts, Flyers, Proposals and Landing pages for marketing and sign up opportunities.

Our Reward Program encourages the use of Local Businesses for referrals and recommendations and offer certain reward amount for each patient visit.